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At Ace Concrete Sawing, our experienced team of trained, professional operators can complete your project efficiently and safely using the latest techniques and technology, at very competitive rates.

As one of the oldest concrete cutting businesses in Victoria we guarantee satisfaction with your project every time, and we have the track-record to back up such a claim.

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Concrete Cutting Services

Our complete range of concrete sawing and concrete drilling services are listed below. Please select a service for more detail.

All services are conducted by experienced professionals following industry-standard safety procedures.

Specialised Services

Fume-free saw cutting
For projects where the use of petrol-driven machines to saw cut walls and concrete slabs is not practical we employ electric and hydraulic equipment such as:

  • Three-phase electric floor saws
  • Three-phase hydraulic handsaws and ring saws
  • Hydraulic petrol handsaws and ring saws

These services are often used for building interiors such as residential apartments, hospitals, airports and food preparation areas.

Wire Sawing
Diamond tipped wire rope that can be used to cut concrete and steel sections with a wire going through a pulley system. Ideal for removing concrete pillars and beams, cutting openings in concrete walls.