Concrete Bursting

Concrete bursting is used for projects where relatively quiet, dust-free and controlled concrete removal and demolition is important. The process works by applying directional forces against the inside of holes drilled into concrete, and is perfect for jobs that other concrete removal methods are capable of.  However, rather than shattering concrete into bits as dynamite and impact tools would, pressure is applied over time to break the concrete into smaller sections.

Lenthall Dam

Torbanlea QLD

Concrete Bursting / Concrete Cutting & Sawing / Concrete Drilling & Core Drilling

Drilling holes from the top of the dam to the gallery below allowed for no margin for error.

ACE was contacted here to help do core drilling from the top of the dam wall to the gallery below. With the requirements of the project it was important that the work was completed to the highest calibre.

The cores were 5 metres deep with 150mm diameters, hydraulic services were required to run from lower level gallery to the top of the damn wall. Each position was marked on top of the wall and in the gallery below so accuracy was critical, especially over the 5 metre distance. We used hydraulic drills, power packs, cores of vary lengths (up to 2 metres), extension rods, as well as designing our own snap and removal equipment for the cores as depth increased. We also implemented a recovery system in case we lost any segments from the barrels.