Soff Cutting

Soff cutting is powered by a petrol driven motor unit and due to its physical size and weight allows our operator’s to perform concrete cutting on newly poured slabs on the same day they are poured.

Soff cutting is a dry form of cutting and no water is required, this provides a huge benefit when cutting in public areas such as footpaths, railway stations, bus stops. Concrete slurry and water is eliminated from the work area, it is environmentally safer method to cut concrete as the powder can be vacuumed up as the cutting is performed.

Soff cutting is the most accurate method of cutting concrete and is especially when pattern cutting is required. It is a clean and cost effective method to transform a standard looking concrete slab into a feature of your home’s outdoor area or drive way.

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Car Megamart


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Part of the work done entailed cutting, sawing & core hole drilling thousands of linear metres of sawing concrete slabs for the expanded Megamart car park.

Mega Mart lies 30 mins outside our Oakleigh office amidst a multitude of warehouses and retail outlets; as such, we have been heavily involved with their on-site presence. Before the car sales complex opened to the public, we were engaged to provide expansion sawing of the concrete slabs that would comprise the complex, this entailed cutting, sawing & core hole drilling thousands of metres of concrete slabs. Along with this we provided the expertise and experience of preforming the concrete polishing for such businesses as Mega Marts onsite cafe, ARB 4WD, and Strongman. Below are examples of the work-in-progess in the lead-up to it being opened.