Wall Sawing & Removal

High frequency Wall Sawing provides an efficient and accurate means of cutting door and window openings, thick concrete slabs, bridge decks, tunnel openings, dam walls, swimming pools and any other large concrete sections. The high frequency wall saw has circular blade on a track mounted driver head. The track can be mounted on vertical walls or steep inclines, which is typically specified for cutting precise openings in concrete structures.

Our equipment gives you full control over both vertical and horizontal wall sawing jobs. Wall sawing can be achieved to a maximum of 710 mm deep, the unit is remotely controlled by the operator to ensure safety, it is fumeless and being of modular designed the unit can be easily moved into any work area and reassembled.

Wall sawing gives you the smoothest finish due to being mounted on tracks that provide accurate cutting. Therefore installation time of windows and doors is reduced as the cut out is clean and accurate.

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